Keep Working Out

Before this year has started I made a promise to myself that I will start to work out, just another lame thing that people do in beginning of the year.  It has been almost na entire year and I’m glad to say I am still on track. (proud face)

At first my goal is just simply to relieve the pain I got from the injury years ago. I went to a physical therapist and got some simple instructions on how should I work out in the gym. So I got a gym membership just like people do in january. It worked really fast, the pain went away as soon as I started (or replaced by training ache), and I feel very attached to the gym, as it offers a small spa /relaxing area consist of a small pool, a jacuzzi and sauna. Nothing beats that after a hard workout!  Just imagine…


but of course that was not the only reason I enjoyed going to the gym, the feeling of getting your heart pounding, the sweat squeezing out of the body and the fuzzy warm feeling after a good stretch, I enjoyed every minute I spend at the gym.

And I didn’t stop there… after I discovered that being physically active is more of a reward to the body instead of ‘wearing it down’, I signed up for an adult ballet class for biginners.YES! As a crazy banana ballet fan I’ve been waiting so long to dance again, and it was the most difficult physical challenge I had to do this year, and I cannot be happier that I did it.


Just a few months ago I also discovered Bikram Yoga. I was introduced by a co-worker and we are leaving work almost every weekday to sweat and stretch to relax our mind. I cannot even tell how much I wish I found this earlier in my years in Sweden, in which some I might have not sweat a single drop of sweat for… like an entire year if not longer! How could I not think of this? This is exactly what I need to cope with the dark and long Scandinavian winter.


These poses does not look too challenging but doing them in a 40 degree hot room for 90 minutes is not that easy.  I am hoping to go there with my boyfriend someday to see what he thinks about it! This is going to be a real interesting experience.

Overall I am really glad about how I treated my body this year,  I would say I made a rather easy goal for myself and I was slightly surprised to see my body became stronger and fitter. Suppose it’s a bonus reward for listening to my body and treating it with care and respect, but I’m also aware that there is room for improvement and I am sure it will be more challenging for 2017.

Looking forward!!


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