Here and there

Work party at Stockholm, back to Gothenburg, concert at Oslo, then stockholm again… for someone who doesn’t  travel every other week it almost feels a bit too much. It’s so inconvenient to pack and unpack, rush to the station, check in and check out, but at least for me it’s somewhat romantic to travel, even if the reason to travel itself has absolutely nothing to do with romance. Plus, it’s always exiting to be in somewhere unfamiliar and explore and definitely worth all trouble it caused.

The concert we went to see was amazing. we have been listening to his songs for 2 years now, only in summer times because they are so beautiful that I don’t want to associate them with the dark cold depressing winter. And they are the most dreamy and soulful melodies ever, and this guy has such a voice that almost seems unreal.BFL-After-The-Rain.jpg

Even if it was just a day trip to Oslo we still manage to see a lot. We love Norway and maybe we will even move there some day.

No matter we like it or not, we actually have some more trips in the coming weeks. My boyfriend will travel up north next weekend and I will be in Stockholm (Again!) weekend after. I guess I just have to learn to enjoy it.



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