More Japanese food please!

Heart-melting bento box, hot steamy ramen, soft fluffy pastry bread and adzukibeans paste… Japanese is no doubt my favorite genre of food. Never get enough. After watching the movie series Little Forest and Midnight diner I feel like this close — to book the tickets to japan.



Even if I already eat japanese food at least twice once a week (not include sushi), I still feeling like I’m not getting enough. I recently tried to make odenおでん, a savory but light stew of plenty of ingredients such as radish, seaweed, eggs, tofu, mushrooms and konjac.  I used to buy them at 7-11 when I went to high school in Beijing, it makes such a wonderful meal especially when the weather is cold.


Sadly but understandable, none of the 7-11 here in Sweden has this traditional japanese food. They usually just have some hotdogs and coffee and buns, some times Panini too, but I always missed this cozy, warming and light street food  in the cold and windy Gothenburg.

I love to make this at home for dinner coz it is healthy, dilicious and convinient. what could I ask for more.. but this is not really the ideal lunch box since it’s a bit messy to pack and carry it in a lunch bag.

It’s time to explore some more japanese reciepes, and I am very looking forward!

Wish me luck!




Mushroom hunting is very time consuming…but it’s also exciting and fun! You never know what you will see in the forest. I don’t really mind just go into the forest to see new kinds of fungus and try to identify them. As an introvert I feel like I was intruding, but I do hope the forest creatures don’t mind.

Let there be blog.

I am desperately in need of some motivation to cope with being me. I guess it’s a symtom of laziness.

It shouldn’t be that hard, being a 26 year old female living in sweden, has a job, a caring boyfriend and bleh and blah but nope… in the reality there are many guidelines about what should I care and how i should feel.

So here it comes, a blog. Yay! It’s going to be my little escape from the real world. But what if there is no real… never mind.

Ha det bra.